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On this page we will keep you updated on the

 farming activities as they happen



TuppingOn October 19th the Tups go in with the ewes, this is always an exciting time as it is the start of "The Sheep Year" . The Flock is split into 2 , with Texel tups going with half the flock to produce lambs which will be kept to be sold as breeding female replacements , the male lambs going for meat production . The other half of the flock is put to Beltex/Charollais Tups to produce lambs for meat . These rams are selected for the quality lean carcases they produce in their offspring

LAMBING starts on March 15th and is always a busy but exciting time of year . The Ewes (Mums to be ) are brought inside the lambing shed about 6 weeks before lambing and fed our home-grown Haylage and sheep nuts . They are split into pens of about 30 ewes and they lamb in these pens . When a sheep lambs she and her lambs are put in an individual pen for 24 -48hrs to check they have sucked properly and have had a good supply of colostrum (first milk , high in antibodies and nutrients ) and have bonded. They are then moved to a mothering up pen of 12 ewes and lambs to ensure they are fully bonded and everything is ok before being turned out in the fields at about 4-6 days old (dependent on the weather )

.Mums to be before lambingjust lambedIndividual PensMothering up pensout to grass

GROWING LAMBS are left with their Mums out at Grass until they are weaned middle to late July . Each month we check and monitor them and give a trace element drench and treat for worms , if necessary. They are regularly checked for lameness and any other problems and treated accordingly . Late spring they are sprayed to prevent flystrike

 Lambs in for first worm drench

SHEARING All the ewes and Rams (not the Lambs ) are shorn late Spring /Early Summer